At Cameron-Rees, we're redefining what it means to lead, and work with, others, in ever-changing workplaces. We believe that everyone needs an opportunity to improve, to learn and to grow in their role. We also know, from over 30 years of working with organisations across the world, that the majority of colleagues get little or no training for advancement, or in management skills or approaches, until they are already Managers and leading their teams.   This also leads to the majority of professional managers having to find their own way through the challenges, before they are supported with any management and leadership support.  This can lead to unclear practices, lack of clarity for employees and lower performance amongst teams – and frustration and challenge for the Manager.

With the addition of specialist HR expertise and experience, Cameron-Rees was developed to help organisations to identify the required strengths, and potential, of existing and future managers and leaders, to develop a truly effective, and high performing business. We believe that to be successful, our solution has to feel like, and fit, your organisation and is, therefore, designed completely around you, your teams, your strategy and your values, with practical advice to help you improve, ensuring relevance, engagement … and enjoyment!

In addition to working within the management, leadership, development and HR space, we are now delighted to welcome Gramercy Advisory Ltd to our family.  Gramercy Advisory is established to support wider understanding of the complex practices and policies required to ensure that organisations can maximise their business potential; through cutting through 'red tape', whilst remaining compliant, safe and efficient.   Gramercy specialises in the development of business acumen across leadership and Executive teams, covering:

  • strategy and business planning
  • value growth and performance tracking
  • proposition development and negotiation process
  • risk and contingency management
  •  data insight and related governance 






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If you're ready to take the first steps in your leadership development in the UK or anywhere in the world, or would like to discuss coaching services, cultural awareness across the globe or organisational or HR support, we're here for you.

We also offer services to help managers and teams grow and evolve together. Contact us by email, at , to arrange a FREE, no-commitment consultation.

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We offer a personalised service, designed to inspire and encourage management support, colleague development or leadership development in the UK and across the globe. We'll support you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your teams and develop a pathway, together, to drive growth, engagement and high performance. Our services include:



HR Review, Support and Specialist services


Sales and Business Growth and Commercial Acumen development


Organisational Change and Coaching Support



Leadership, Management and Team Development Support


Cultural Awareness and Regional Mapping 

The Corporate Emperor

Learn about ‘The Corporate Emperor' and what it may mean for your organisation.



Take a look at our “What We Do ” page for more information on how we can help you grow.

What We Do




Our experience is wide-ranging and our services are completely bespoke, built around you. We work with a wide range of organisations, across diverse markets, from burgeoning start-ups across Europe, established businesses in the US and corporate FTSE100 companies. One thing that is consistent across the teams we work with, wherever they are in their career journey, is that they have recognised that the world is, perhaps, forever changed and even the best of us back in 2019/2020 may need to flex and adapt to the working environment of today. We don't know what we don't know and we believe that the hardest place to start, is recognising what we need to change.   

Get in contact now and we'll arrange your FREE, no-obligation consultation, to talk about your challenges and see if we can help through this advice – or work with you to develop a more structured support programme. 


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We understand that different people bring different skills to any working environment and the same is true of us, here at Cameron Rees. Our vital management, team and leadership development in the UK and across the world would be impossible without our team of dedicated, respected and multi-skilled associates.

Take a look at our About Us page for more information on who we are and what we bring to the table.

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Definitely add Cameron Rees to your preferred supplier list if you have not done so yet! ...

Time spent with Cameron Rees is time well spent! I was lucky enough to start my professional L&D journey with Carol…her unwavering passion drove me to carve out a career in the L&D world. It’s not only her extensive knowledge and experience that stands Carol out from others but her relatable, authentic, and enthusiastic approach. Definitely add Carol to your preferred provider list if you have not already done so Becca Philby - Senior Learning Consultant   |   January 2024  |   Sussex

I've actually used this already! ...

I really enjoyed all the speakers and loved Carol's session! I came away feeling so much better about life, uplifted and positive about being stronger in my role. I went back to my desk and immediately put in place some of the things Carol recommended, pushing back where I normally wouldn't have done and, you know what, it worked! Women's Network Member   |   March 2024  |   Worthing

Truly authentic...

Happy International Women's Day! A truly authentic example of someone who inspires inclusion! Victoria Head - Director Archus   |   March 2024  |   Somerset

Quite frankly, if I was in a position to hire, Carol would be right at the top of my list....

How best to describe Carol? Authentic, positive, honest, passionate, expert, and an absolute force of nature. Without doubt one of the outstanding individuals I worked with during my time at Equiniti. I've witnessed her get the best out of my team, and have been fortunate myself to have benefitted from one of her development programmes. I'm certainly a better person for it. Whether it's in the context of creating and delivering training programmes, Executive development, or people management, I have witnessed her turn good people into great ones and she's converted even the biggest sceptics into believers (I know, because I was one of them). Her approach is disarming, challenging, insightful, and occasionally uncomfortable but she unquestionably gets results. She is a credit to herself and the companies she represents. Quite frankly, if I was in a position to hire, Carol would be right at the top of my list. Duncan Stevens - CEO Gretel   |   June 2021  |   UK

Engaging People...

Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with you. I'm sure you know already and don't need me to say it but you have a gift for engaging people in this way! I hope we cross paths again in the future. Senior Consultant   |   11 Jan 2024  |   Bristol

Thought I'd hate it!...

OK, you got me - I thought I'd hate this but it was really good! I don't like training - I thought you would come here and tell me what to do but you listened, you made sense and it was really interesting. Thanks Thames Organisation   |   November 2023  |   London


Carol impressively balances compassion with respect for her audience. I didn't feel talked down to, nor talked over, at any point. As a result, I was fully engaged and am feeling motivated, thanks! NHS Manager   |   Sept 2023  |   Sussex

Collection from NHS Trust Event...

I found this workshop challenged my mind and inspired me Loved the workshop. Found very applicable to me and my current circumstances. Feel better about myself and much more empowered - so pleased I attended, huge thank you. Great workshop - really got me thinking. Great content and so well presented. I loved the control you had over the group, none of those long spaces waiting for the audience to fill. It was very interesting - thank you. Participant responses   |   Sept 2023  |   Sussex

Pin sharp business mind ...

Carol is one of life's lovely people who are just wonderful to be around. Positive, energetic and frankly brilliant at what she does. A real people person. She has an innate talent to bring out the best in everyone - both individuals and teams. She's seriously passionate about what she does which makes her incredibly engaging; no doubt part of the secret sauce to her success! That and a pin sharp business mind ... I would thoroughly recommend Carol - she'll smash it and do so with a big smile on her face! Sarah Jackson - Senior Leader   |   March 2022  |   London

Unflappable and flexible communicator!...

Carol is one of life's fantastic communicators and we certainly could rely on her to assist in a variety of different guises - all in the name on internal communication. From Webinars and in person events, to hosting our annual Award ceremony online during the pandemic, Carol has an unflappable nature that sees her calmly carrying on whatever the circumstance, with a smile on her face and enthusiasm and encouragement in her voice. Thank you Carol. Louise Norman   |   March 2022  |   London

You have brought great professional insights .......

I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you as you have brought great professional insights and energy to our business. Thank you for your support and I wish you all of the best for wherever the next venture may take you! Todd May - CEO EQ   |   2022  |   Minnesota, US

Her experience in the field was clear and came into play in her delivery also....

Carol is a consummate professional, whom I have used to deliver team building / role reinforcement and change management programmes across my organisation. She delivered well thought out, researched and planned programmes which supported the desired outcomes. She utilised a range of delivery techniques which were appropriate for the group and which drew upon recognised and supporting management development theory and practice. Her experience in the field was clear and came into play in her delivery also. She is highly recommended and we will work with her further to sustain the seeds that she has sown in the minds of our people here. Steve Winter - Operations Director   |   November 2021  |   UK

Enthusiastic, pragmatic, a true problem solver who'd just get on with things...

I worked with Carol when I was at Equiniti. She was enthusiastic, pragmatic, a true problem solver who'd just get on with things. She's also imaginative and a true people person, which is more rare within HR teams than it should be. She was also a joy to be around. What is not to like indeed. Enrique Sacau   |   June 2021  |   Group CEO at Kneip

Passion backed by substance...

The first thing that strikes you about Carol is her ability to achieve an instant rapport with those she works with - whatever their seniority and individual style. Boasting an array of contacts that she has built and nurtured down the years; networking for Carol is as natural as breathing and she has probably, single-handedly, lowered the famous "six degrees of separation" to around one or two degrees for those of us lucky enough to be in her circle! Next her style is amply backed by substance - a keen business mind, an eye for detail, a wealth of experience across several different industries and immensely proactive; once she has formulated a plan rest assured, it will be done. David Soloman   |   April 2018  |   Salisbury

A guru in her field! ...

Carol is without doubt a guru in her field. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for what she does is obvious to anyone that has the pleasure of meeting and working with her. She also has an amazing ability to adapt and relate to any audience and positivley manage a wide range of stakeholders. Carolyn Mountifield - HR Specialist   |   April 2022  |   London


Carol - you were truly fabulous today! Absolutely brilliant - thank you! Women's Network Member   |   March 2024  |   Worthing


I will continue using Carol and Cameron Rees for all of my training and coaching projects. She has an excellent way of understanding the objective, creating a bespoke plan and executing it with the most engaging approach. If you've not used Carol and the team before, I'd recommend you do! Laura Cowley - CPO   |   February 2024  |   London





If you want to know more about leadership development in the UK or the world, send us an email to arrange your FREE, no-obligation consultation and start improving today.

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