Everyone who works through Cameron-Rees remains immensely passionate about continual development, authentic and practical support and keeps a focus on the real world around us. We also believe that knowledge and experience should be shared, without compromise.
Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the real issues of today and gain the expertise of all the fabulous people in various organisations, who are finding innovative ways to drive engagement, resilience and leadership development across the globe. But we recognise that the world is changing rapidly - and the skills, approaches and demands of others are changing at equal speed!  Therefore, we aim to offer a holistic support service to organisations; partnering with a wide range of experts from around the world and have an even wider network of industry leaders who are happy to share their experience. Take a look at our Blog to see some of the latest developments in the world of work.  Areas of specialism include:

  • Leadership and Management Readiness - readiness for your next role ... or for what the future world of work is going to demand from you
  • HR practices, process and implementation - the world has, and continues to change.  Our HR teams need to be ready for generational diversity, neurodiversity support and a whole range of additional legislative and practical adaptations.  Is your HR supporting business growth as well as fairness and people?  Are you facing a merger or acquisition and recognising that the real work is the integration?  We have a specialist team of HR and legal experts to help you embed the change.
  • Team cohesion and culture - it's more than simply having an away-day; it's about fundamental understanding, trust and accountability
  • Business Development, Sales and Growth - recognising that 'sales' as we knew it has changed; what is required today to build loyalty, income and growth
  • Performance Management - focusing on what truly drives engagement and motivation - ditching the twice-per-year chat with no impact on growth
  • Organisational Change and Transformation - we have partnered with experts in organisational design and strategic focus, supported by recognition of the people skills needed to ensure it succeeds
  • Core Skills for the Future - recognising the need for core values, skills and behavioural support at all levels
  • Challenging The Corporate Emperors TM in our organisations - leaders who surround themselves with those who live in fear to challenge or influence; we aim to support everyone who would like to see a more accountable, authentic world of work with supported, developed and confident leaders in the Boardroom.  For more information, and to take part in a global research project, email consultant@cameron-rees.co.uk and we will send you an opportunity to take part anonymously. 





We offer an initial, FREE session of executive coaching consultancy in Tunbridge Wells or globally, for anyone who is finding our working world today challenging – or who recognises that their teams and colleagues may need support. Send us an email to get started.


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