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This last few years has been tough for everyone; whether a perfect leader, Manager or colleague prior to 2020,  we are facing numerous, additional challenges today as we create a new energy from the fatigue, fear or change that we have all lived through - and the ongoing changes to our working environments and markets today. 

At Cameron-Rees, we are aiming to spark a leadership revolution that sees all Managers and Leaders become more aware of embedded bad habits, unconscious bias, the need to continually update their skills and support to recognise what employees are demanding of businesses today. We take a practical approach to management, team and leadership development in Sussex, the UK and across the globe.  We recognise that there a number of effective models, guides and books that can support learning and, whilst we are avid readers of a multitude of current thinking, we seek to blend this thinking into authentic, practical approaches to everyday challenges.   Starting with really getting to know you, your challenge, your teams and your company's strategy to enable the solution to look and feel like you, we then support your specific need with practical tools and techniques.   This enables us to develop business coaching programmes that are bespoke, measurable and effective. Together, we'll help you stimulate high performance, business growth and an engaging working environment.




We don't expect you to know exactly what you need, nor do we expect you to jump straight into a programme, without knowing what it might entail. To arrange a FREE, no-obligation consultation, send us an email at .

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We take an honest, person-centric approach to the plans we put together, ensuring that we're open about what we think can benefit you. we believe that, when it comes to self-improvement, respectful challenge is vital, allowing us to fully support your development. 


We're here to provide genuine value to you and your business, no matter how great or small. Our business coaching programmes in Tunbridge Wells and worldwide, are backed by over 30 years of experience in working with people, allowing us to accurately identify your issues and make credible, achievable and relevant recommendations for your business. 


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability, delivering only what we believe you need and designing bespoke, tailored solutions.  We take ownership of the process and pride ourselves on doing the right thing – not necessarily the easiest thing.   Each person is different, just like our solutions.



We believe that the best route to organisational success can be found by listening and adapting to the needs of both your customers and your employees. The employer-employee relationship has significantly changed over the last four years; hybrid working is considered a normal workplace demand and the stresses of lockdowns and changed business practice are still evident as we all seek to design our new future.

Recognising these challenges, from the point of first lockdown, we have researched the impact of the pandemic on colleague energy, security and motivation.  As a result, we have designed a range of business coaching programmes in Tunbridge Wells and globally, that we believe can reduce attrition, increase psychological safety and engagement and demonstrate all-important employee well-being and inclusivity. We will help you identify, from the top down, what is getting in the way of success; whether you are finding challenges with work relationships and environment or are struggling to re-engage colleagues in a hybrid working model – we will support you to recognise the key areas of focus for your business, that will drive performance and engagement. 





In keeping with the pride we take in our honesty and authenticity, we offer clear and transparent costs, designed around your budget. Get in contact now, by emailing us at , to book your FREE consultation at a time that works for you.

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Carol Martin, CEO and business coach at Cameron-rees ltd



Cameron-Rees Ltd is the culmination of over 30 years working with people, teams and organisations across the globe. I started my career in recruitment, working for both national and international agencies, and as Director of an independent start-up. Having worked in senior, corporate leadership role, working with major brands and corporations across the globe, I became increasingly interested in why high attrition, or disengagement, was so frequently evident, across all markets and industries, often soon after people found their ‘perfect role'.
What is it that is either invisible throughout the process, or not evident when they join? As we know, the majority of us leave people, not the organisation...

This led me, 20 years ago, to move into the world of organisational, and people, learning and development; continuing my passion for identifying what makes companies successful, and how critically important it is to recognise the changing needs and demands of the greatest asset – people. Like many of you, I'm sure, I have worked with great leaders, good leaders but also, frankly, leaders who have had a devastating impact on culture and growth. My aim is to support all who want to grow, develop and learn – and also those who need the resilience to survive in today's working world.

I am privileged to work with some equally passionate experts, across a wide range of industries and locations. Together, we regularly share knowledge, challenge each other and work to create real, practical, authentic and accessible solutions for some of the greatest challenges we all face today.

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  • MBTI Practitioner
  • MCIPD (Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)
  • MREC
  • Chair of Judges for UK Business Awards







Steve has extensive experience, gained through a variety of Senior Management/Director and training and development roles, held in the international technology private sector.

He has a proven track record of delivering tangible results within the areas of leadership, negotiation, customer service, relationship management, organisational change, training, development and personal career management. He specialises in personality and emotional profiling and has been certified by the Paul Ekman International Group, to help people understand their own emotional displays and how to interpret others' emotions, through micro expressions, to help build strong relationships or sound negotiations.


 Leadership Development  in Tunbridge wells


James has a background in tech and also of managing his own business over many years.  James is an enthusiastic facilitator who specialises in developing sales acumen, linking to sales processes and identifying the blocks to success.

James also works extensively with customer experience and has received testimonials to the success, not just of the learning experience, but the embedding of real change and growth. Regularly sharing this expertise in the US, Europe and UK, James remains passionate about making change happen!


Leadership Development  in Tunbridge wells


After holding several senior management positions in some of the UK's top retail companies. John is now a recognised expert in the public, private and third sectors, in over 20,000 delegates in over 60 countries around the world.  John continues to develop and deliver around 500 public programmes across 15 categories w from 26 locations around the globe, including the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.





Carole has played a part in positively influencing the learning and development of thousands of people across many different sectors, countries and cultures. 

Carole combines her experience of operational management and bespoke training to ensure delegates consistently enjoy creative, supporting and challenging learning experiences. Carole is really passionate about supporting delegates to achieve their goals and really make a difference.




Steve has worked in public, charitable and private sector healthcare in senior management and operational roles for more than 25 years. His most recent appointment was as Group Operations Director at an award-winning nursing and care home company specialising in elderly and dementia care. He is a professional change manager and speaks regularly at international conferences and workshops on this topic. 




As we move into the next phase of working life, it has never been more important to have credible, current and focused advice and support.

We have access to a wide range of specialist experts in areas such as Reward/Bens, Mediation, Strategic Planning and organisational restructure.  Supported by the full team, these specialists aim to be an extension of your business - whilst bringing current knowledge to you and your teams.




Our Mediation experts at Cameron-rees Ltd. Leadership Development in Tunbridge wells



We have access to experts in the field of HR process and practice, Employee Relations and mediation.  Contact us now for more details and to be introduced to an expert or to seek advice.


Coaching as part of our Leadership Development  in Tunbridge wells



We have partnered with experienced and qualified coaches to ensure that we are able to provide the right expertise, with their business coaching programmes in Tunbridge Wells, the UK and all across the globe, exactly when you need it.



To arrange a conversation where we can get to know you and find out more about what sort of business coaching programmes you may need, send us an email.

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