Interesting update today (11th July 2023) - maybe we can start to see real change in the many organisations who post about fairness and equity ... but operate against a very different set of standards? As someone supporting this bill, and others that hold leaders and managers to account, I am going to be very interested to see what 'teeth' this legislation has - and which organisations will work toward the same goal.  I think I already know, sadly, those that will not be holding a mirror up and either be in denial or an arrogant fugue.  Makes me even more determined to push with the leadership revolution! 

The Independent reported today:

'A Bill seeking to address workplace bullying and promote positive behaviours at work is set to be presented to Parliament.  Labour's Rachael Maskell will introduce the Bullying and Respect at Work Bill, which aims to establish mechanisms for reporting and investigating incidents of workplace bullying.  The Bill also proposes a Respect at Work Code and enforcement powers by the Human Rights Commission.  Maskell highlighted the lack of a direct route to restitution within the current legal framework and emphasised the need for a legal definition of workplace bullying.  The proposed Bill aims to have a chilling effect on negative behaviour and ensure that employers take responsibility for the conduct of others in the workplace.  It is estimated that 4.9m people in the UK workforce have experienced bullying at work.'

I'll be watching with interest and update you soon!